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Like, OMG, hi!

Published December 11, 2011 by vegansloveanimals

I’ve decided to start a blog. That’s right, Facebook-ing my animal stories doesn’t allow me to go into enough detail! It doesn’t allow me to post a series of images to illustrate the sheer adora-bull-ness of my pit bull or the rest of my critters.

Currently, my family consists of a female Pit Bull/American Bulldog (Rikki), two cats who are brothers from the same mother (Antonio and Magellan), two of my own male rats (Angus and Digit McStubby) and two female rats who I’m fostering for a small animal rescue (Jester and Jasmine)(for North Star Rescue!)(<3!!!)(that’s a heart, in case you can’t tell!).

My rat population changes a bit more frequently, as I tend to adopt older rats who sadly pass away. Most recently I lost Bobby, who I adopted the moment I laid eyes on him in Pet Food Express in Ignacio. He wasn’t actually up for adoption–someone had simply left him in his filthy cage outside the store before they opened in the morning. I just happened to stop by to get a dog treat for Rikki, as we had been babysitting the night before in the East Bay. One of the store employees freaked out when I walked in because she knows I do some rat rescue–it was love at first sight between Bobby and I. He was covered in bald patches, had dumbo ears–and despite his crappy previous home life he was super duper extra sweet! So of course I swooped him up and spent half my babysitting money on his initial vet bill that very morning.

Because I am a SUCKER. Big time! Animals know this about me. They absolutely smell it, or see it written on my forehead or something. Whatever…I’m fine with it.