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I’m in Love with My Dog.

Published December 14, 2011 by vegansloveanimals

It’s true. I’m in love with my pit bull.

Ewww, not like that.

Nevertheless, I love her something fierce.

Be jealous, be very, very jealous! Who wouldn’t die of happiness to wake up every damn morning to this face:

If it were up to me, Rikki and I would NEVER be out of each others’ sights! We would grocery shop together, go to school together, travel on airplanes together (with Rikki in the seat next to me of course!), etc! Being separated from this giant mushy love machine is physically painful. I think about her when we’re apart–which admittedly isn’t much.

I think Rikki is the world’s most kissed dog. I have about a bazillion pictures of her trying to get away from my incessant smooching. I kiss her at the dog park almost as much as I kiss her at home. I think I kiss her in the car more than anywhere though–because she’s always right near me…

…so I can just grab her face and ::SMOOOOCH:: !

I grew up with cats, so I’ve known for quite some time that I’d be exquisitely happy living alone in a huge Victorian-styled, rundown house with a bazillion of them–rescued & fixed, of course. How was I to know that 2 and a half years ago I’d find that life couldn’t be complete without a pit bull in the mix, as well?

“I know a sucker when I see one. Dis lady will be my slave for life! I shall mark her wiff my slobbers!”

And I am so. fucking. thankful that Rikki is in my life. I wake up each morning and stare happily at her sleeping face. Her floppy lips, floppy ears, wonderfully stinky dog-breath. She has brought so much happiness, joy, and laughter into my life that it is indescribable. This blog doesn’t do Rikki justice, nor does it do justice to the love I have for her. She has one of the most genuine, loyal, loving souls that has ever existed in the history of the universe–of this I am certain.

If you are depressed please remember all the wonderful animals who are dumped in animal shelters every year. Millions of them won’t ever make it back out, and they die alone.

If you are lonely, I encourage you to volunteer at a local shelter or rescue. Help is ALWAYS needed. You can walk dogs, clean cages/kennels, socialize cats, play with kittens, foster kittens or puppies and/or animals recovering from surgery or sickness, etc. And if your home life permits, I strongly encourage you to adopt!

And don’t always go for a kitten or puppy. Adult animals already have established personalities, and they will be so incredibly grateful to be given a real chance to love and be loved! It amazes me that Rikki lived without me for around 2 years. What was her life like? There wasn’t much evidence that she was really part of a family–she had no idea what toys were, didn’t know what chasing a ball or stick was about…I guess it doesn’t matter now. What matters is that she is finally truly loved, truly safe. No one will ever hurt her or neglect her. She will never go without love, food, vet care, or tons of toys and treats.

And I will never go a day without pit bull kisses. Now that’s a great trade-off!