Nice Cream!

Published January 13, 2012 by vegansloveanimals

I love pet-friendly businesses!

“Mama, true love means sharing your ice cream!”

My dad had a sweet tooth like no one else. He used to run miles every day, and participate quite regularly in various races. I remember he once told me “some people run to stay healthy–I run to eat!” His favorite present on birthdays and holidays was a batch of vegan chocolate chip cookies–my homemade specialty!

Dad was always open to vegan food–especially treats! Maggie Mudds was an ice cream parlor in Bernal Heights in SF with an extensive vegan menu. We’d often go there but it was a bit out of the way. One day dad called me and told me about a place on 9th ave between Irving and Judah called Holy Gelato!, an ice cream parlor with special vegan noms–or my personal phrasing: nice cream! He claimed it was even better than Maggie Mudds–which must be true, as MM is now out of business while HG! is happily still open to feed my expanding belly!

The first time I tried Holy Gelato! (yes, that exclamation point is supposed to be there, no it is not the end of the sentence!) I was in love. My dad and I typically visited every time I was in the city–I remember once when dad was in UCSF hospital he sent me out for some nice cream. Holy Gelato! is very close to UCSF so I walked over. The super awesome and nice manager (I always assume he is the manager or owner anyway–he doesn’t know my name nor do I know his–but we definitely know each other! And he DOES know Rikki’s name!) asked how my dad was, knowing him to be sick. When I said he was in the hospital I was given the nice cream FREE! And another huge super sweet plus: Rikki is ALWAYS allowed inside!

My dad passed away March 10, 2011. He had Leukemia. I was holding his hand when he passed, and I will always be incredibly grateful for that. Rikki and I still eat at Holy Gelato! whenever I am craving something yummy while in San Francisco. It will always bring back happy memories of my dad. 🙂

My sister and our papa sharing some nice cream at Holy Gelato!



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