Next time someone calls you a rat, give them a big hug!

Published December 12, 2011 by vegansloveanimals

I can’t stand hearing people use “rat” as a derogatory term. Neither can my good buddy, Angus:

As you can see, my new sweatshirt is VERY warm! Every one of my rats who I’ve picked up for some shoulder cruisin’ while wearing this new hoodie has snuggled down inside and then peeked their little heads out like this (more Angus):

My newest boy, Digit McStubby,  prefers a sleeve:

My foster, Jasmine, prefers the fleece in her cage! Her sister loves me, but Jazzy still isn’t terribly thrilled:

And in case you need “scientific” proof of how awesome rats are:

Some experimenters had to lock a rat in a tiny little box-thing in order to learn that-oh my!!-rats have much more empathy than they themselves!

One rat was free, while the other locked in a tiny little space. The free rat became visibly distressed to see his/her friend locked up, and pretty much every rat didn’t rest until they’d managed to free their imprisoned companion, which was actually not an easy task.

Yes, humans have a lot to learn from rats. Of course, this comes as no surprise to me!


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